Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Diary.....

.....Today was just cold, 9 degrees this morning when I climbed up to shovel snow off the roof. Yep, the roof. Since we had 3 days of rain and 2 days of snow last week we still dont have any safe ice for fishing, so I need to bring home the bacon working construction. Been working on the new golf course clubhouse over in Metamora a couple days a week, framing up a house near glasford a couple days a week, taking care HB Pond stuff a couple days a week, and dreaming of ice fishing 7 days a week!!!

Took off Thurs-Sun for Christmas break and just spent those days playing with the kids, going to Christmas parties, and eating large quantities of sugar filled food! Even though we all had a great time, I just am not engineered for being inside for any long periods of time, and especially consecutive days indoors. Once the rain changed over to snow, I got the kids outside as much as possible, but really the only activity to do was to shovel snow. I dont have any place to productively shovel snow anymore since moving so Sunday after church we decided to head over to shovel for Mom and Dad and Ken and Darlene.

About 2 pm wednesday kicks off a marathon stretch of activities! I should have all of the plywood finished on the roof in Glasford by then and then am going to try to head out to Norris to do a little ice fishing (probably should have about 3 inches of ice according to my calculations). Then Thursday morning going to ice fish with Chad and Dad and then going to film some deer hunting Thursday afternoon out in Middle Grove. Planning on heading out with some friends thursday night to ring in the new year and then head over to a new place ice fishing friday with Jon Graham and some guys. Friday night have an Esslinger family party, Saturday morning headed to Fun City with all 37 of the Howard Herman family until Monday morning, then spending tues and wed taking clients ice fishing (lord willing) and DADADADADADANTATADA..............then on Thursday morning I board a train headed for Devils Lake North Dakota!!!! Its about a 20 hour train ride and we will arrive at the station at 6 am friday morning and be on the lake ice fishing with Zippy Dahl and the Perch Express by 9 am!!!! We will fish for northerns and walleyes in the mornings and evenings and for perch and white bass during the day. Gonna fish friday, saturday, and sunday and then hop on the train for home sunday night at 10 pm!

I just remembered that on thursday while my kids were napping and it was pouring down rain I had to go check on the trout at the fishing park. I had to fill the feeders and just see how they were doing. I even managed to snap a few pics quick before my sweatpants got too wet! Then even though I looked like an idiot, I had to stop in Dixons quick and grab a bucket of cajun shrimp to munch on for the ride home!

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