Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tractors, Turkey Shopping, and Construction

Well not much happening in the fish world lately, but there seems to be quite a bit happening in the real world! I have been building houses for my dad and brother most days and taking care of all our pond stuff and online shipments every spare moment. Also been working on lowering our 33 acre lake for the winter. 

We also did a great job at spending all of our extra summer money already and some. We are the very proud new owners of a 2002 caterpiller skid steer and a 2006 kubota kx 121 excavator. We are not only building our own hatchery ponds, but will be building several forage fish ponds for clients as well!

So then Thanksgiving comes around and I eat my usual whole pecan pie and leftover turkey and potatoes for the next few days! And also I do get up at 3 am on black friday and buy a ton of stuff. We buy gifts for my dad's company christmas party every year on this day. He has 26 employees that we buy apprx $200 gifts for each of them for their party. Since we dont provide alcohol, we have to have some incentive to get the guys to show up!! This year we got GPS's, Netbooks, Lithium Power Tools, TV's, Nintendo Wii's, Ice Fishing Shanty, and a few other miscellaneous items. My mom, Justin, and Katy camped out at Walmart all night, fought the hoards of people at the 5 am mad dash and got everything on their list! My dad and Dave waited in line at Sams Club and got served coffee and Breakfast and also got everything on their list.
Lee and I waited in our truck at Sears at 4 am and when they started letting the line of people go in running and grabbing, we just slip in at the end of the line and go straight to the computer on the left side of the store. While everyone is scooping up the doorbusters and waiting in a checkout line that wraps around the store after 3 minutes, We just have the sales associate ring up our item numbers from the catalog, pay $900, and let merchandise pick up fellas load up our loot. At 4:20 am we are done and headed to the breakfast diner- We have the system nailed down to a tee!!! After a hearty breakfast we meet up with my dad and dave for the made dash at Home Depot at 6 am! We got everything on our list at Home Depot and had $5000 spent by 6:30 am!

Noah decided to run out of our apartment the other day and by the time I looked out he was on top of the minivan! Instead of grab him right away I took my time grabbing the camera and took this pic. By the time I was done, he was so cold that I dont think he will head outside without much clothes on anymore. Sometimes I can be considered a tad bit cruel, but there really is no better way for a kid to learn stuff than on his own.

So the real cold weather is about to set in. Ice is starting to form just a tad bit. One more weekend of deer hunting and then hopefully we can be icefishing before Christmas.


  1. You gotta love that little squirt! Cute Picture and I'm glad the black friday sale was successful!

  2. Family services will be calling.