Thursday, December 3, 2009

Expensive Deer Hunting Trip......

It was too windy and cold to sit in our stands on thursday afternoon, so we sat out of the wind near the top of a draw overlooking a creek valley. Had a good time, enjoyed the tranquility and serenity of being outdoors and headed in about 5 pm. On our way back to our trucks at the top of the field we scared all the deer which werent in the woods, back into the woods. Somehow as we carefully sneaked into the woods about 2 pm, they must have snuck out of the woods. Then after spending the afternoon hanging out by our trucks, they simply headed back into the woods as we headed out. It was almost like we were hunting with Elmer Fudd back in the day! Anyhow as I am writing this, I realize I gave way too much credit to the intelligence of the deer earlier. In hindsight I now realize there is just simply something about my truck that deer are attracted to! On my way home from deer hunting I was traveling down the road about 55 mph (the speed limit just in case my insurance adjustor reads my blog) and out from the field an 8 point buck comes running across the road right out in front of my manly F250. Had I not been just finishing up a conversation about our hunting expedition on my cell phone with my brother, I probably would have seen the deer coming, but nonetheless I hit the deer dead on! I only had enough time to hit the brakes less than one second before impact, but oddly enough only really remember sizing up the antlers and being disappointed the moment before the crash….

Look closely under the ford emblem and you will see the nice pile of crap the deer was so kind enough to squirt out.

Truck was still driveable after bending the bumper back up a bit, but still pretty busted up.

We finished gutting the deer on the side of the road and are going to turn him into jerky. Also we are going to put his head on the wall too. Not because of the size of his antlers, but just merely for decoration and a nice conversation piece... Mainly though because Justin is finishing up taxidermy school this winter and needs some regular bucks to practice on before mounting our monster deer from next season!!!

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