Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drake's Easter Seals Appointment

This morning I headed out to a pond consultation in Princeville at 5:30 am and made it back in time to go to Drake's evaluation at Easter Seals early intervention program at 10 am.

He was evaluated by 2 different physical therapists and they jiggled and jostled, yanked and pulled on him like crazy and he just sat there and laughed at em through the whole ordeal. I'm telling you the kid is just fat, happy and laid back.

He is 3 months old now, but his overall test results came back that he physically is at a 2 month old level. Some stuff he excelled at, most stuff not so much. Even though he didnt score perfectly normal on this stuff, we are overall very encouraged and very thankful to have progressed this far at this stage. He really is overcoming so much and has so much potential!

Stuff like hearing and muscle tone and fist clinching and stiffness and head floppyness he tested low at a 1 month old level. Those are our red flag areas that we have been given exercises to do at home to try and correct. Stuff like communication, speech, awareness, vision, and cuteness he tested at 3, 4, and even 5 month old levels! Very encouraging!! Along with his at home exercises he will see a physical therapist every other week for the next 6 months.

They are still monitoring him for a mild case of cerebral palsy and slow motor skill development due to the stage 2 and 3 hemorraging stemming from his bleeding near his brain in his ventricals at delivery. Our gameplan and really only option for treatment at this point is to continue with therapy and working with him and try to squeeze every single ounce of potential out of him as humanly possible.

Our next important appointment is next thursday with the Ear Nose Throat specialist. We will hopefully find out the extent of his hearing loss, whether he will need tubes in his ears to drain the fluid, and also come up with a gameplan for hearing aids if they find out they will help in any way. We are hoping that in his right ear the nerves are still pulsing and it isnt completely deaf cause if they are still alive they will try to stimulate them with the hearing aids.

I am gonna have to scrounge up a few pics, because the boy is getting FAT and is about the cutest boy on the planet. He has all of my best attributes: happy, cute, laid back, funny, fat, and super smart yet kinda dumb. I already know with this kind of start into life that God has great things planned for this boy- he is definitely not normal and is going to be a world changer.

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