Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

The kids are so excited this morning. Back in December we made Brook breakfast in bed for her birthday and they have just been counting down the days until Mothers Day to be able to do it again. Brook gets to sleep in and me and the kids are watching Shrek right now to kill time. On her birthday she was served at like 7 am, today we agreed to wait until 8. Pancakes, eggs, and a teeny bowl of bran flakes are on the menu.

Moving along, these three kids do indeed have the best Mother on the planet. When you throw me into the mix she has her hands full. Somehow she manages to take care of us all. She keeps us all fed, clothed, bathed, etc. Like I said she has her hands full.

I actually had plans of never getting married and spending my summers up in the mountains and winters down on the coast pretty much living on the land. Growing up I was always outside, always dirty, and never wore matching clothes. In fact, I barely ever wore shoes, brushed my teeth or combed my hair. I simply didnt care one bit about social events, talking to people, or girlfriends. I worked hard, made money, and spent it on guns, shells, fishing gear, and such.

All that changed when this girl moved here from Iowa back in the year 2000. I started to bathe regularly, brush my teeth, comb my hair, wear shoes, matching clothes, and attend social events (at least only the ones she was at). Two years after she moved into town, someway, somehow, and only by the grace of God, I somehow conned the most beautiful amazing woman in the world into marrying me.

Let me just say the world was shocked. They were shocked that I was actually getting married, especially at the age of 19, and even more especially that I was marrying someone WAAY out of my league. Brook was a star volleyball player, basketball player, track star, swimmer, a runner, super popular, fashionable, and just loved by everyone. I didn't deserve her back then, and I sure don't deserve her right now.

Here is a family pic from last month.

We got married one year out of high school and have been married now for 7 or 8 years.
Even though I have to do all the things I still hate like combing my hair, brushing my teeth, wear shoes, matching clothes, attend social events, and have no money to spend on guns, shells, fishing gear, and such, this is indeed the best time of my life. Even after all these years I still wake up in the morning and am just kind of in Awe that I am married to the most beautiful amazing woman on the planet. The world is still shocked and I just thank God everyday for her.


  1. You get LOTS of brownie points for this blog. Nate, I'm PROUD of you, you are a good husband and a great father. Never would have thought you would end up so great, We were so glad when Beth had you, before that she thought she was a good mom, and would give us advice, then you came along and she found out it wasn't that she was a good mom, just your brother Chad and sister Michelle were so easy! You were NOT easy to say the least!

  2. awww, you big softie....

    was Brook reading over your shoulder while you typed this?