Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smallmouth Bass Available for Stocking

Gone. Only took about 4 hours after posting this morning to find a new home for these trophy fish!

This hardly ever happens, but 2009 produced a great crop of smallmouth bass and I actually have a handful of the most amazing smallmouth bass on the planet available this spring. I don't have many left of these big guys, only 75 of them to be exact, but they have been gorging themselves on fathead minnows and are already 6-8 inches long. Most smallmouth fingerlings this time of year are 3-5 inchers.

I have a handful of 3-6 inch smallmouth bass available as well, but really want to find a good home for the biggest and best of last years crop. Their advanced size is perfect for stocking into an existing pond with no fear of predation.

Anyhow call 309-303-5691 or email if your interested in more information about these fish. Genetics are a big key to growing abnormally large fish, and these are the best of the best.

Smallmouth Bass Spawning Video

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