Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deer Trail Camera Whitetail Buck Pics 2010

We started putting out our trail cameras for clients at the end of July and beginning of August. So far most of the pics have been female does and fawns, but starting last week some bucks started showing up! This guy below is by far the most impressive and so far we have him patterned pretty good!

This week we will be finishing up planting most of our fall deer food plots. If your interested in more information about wildlife food plots just shoot me an email or check out our website My brother Justin and brother in law Jared have been running trail cameras, building and installing deer stands, and planting lots of food plots for several clients this spring, summer, and fall! I am super excited to start being able to offer these services to my lake and pond clients. Some people that don't even hunt have been having us plant food and prairie grasses to help out their wildlife.
Stay tuned for hopefully some more deer trail cam pics in the weeks to come!

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