Sunday, August 8, 2010

Noah's Rope Swing Backflip

Noah loves jumping off the high dock, going down big waterslides, and swimming across the lake with me. Anyhow he has been talking about wanting to do a backflip off the the high dock and also how bad he wants to do the rope swing like the big kids. This afternoon he was able to fulfill both of his young lifelong dreams at the same time. He is the only 2 year old I know who would come out of this with a big grin on his face!

After you watch it again a few times, check out his reaction following his first rope swing ride. I apologize the quality is so bad, we were using our digital camera.

Here is Noah jumping off the high dock. He jumped for the first time last summer when he was one year old with some help from his dad and uncle. This year he leaps off that thing.

We had alot of fun today. After church we headed straight to the lake and right into the water. I had alot of fun playing with the kids for a few hours and then towards evening shot some arrows with my brother and brother in law for awhile.

I am practicing with Chad's homemade bow made out of hedge wood. I am fairly confident I can bring down a deer at about 20 yards, but still need quite a bit of practice to stretch out my range just a bit. This bow shoots about 60 lbs of pressure and is just alot of fun. Hopefully this fall I will be posting some pics of my first deer with this bow!

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