Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mens Campout at the Lake Pictures

Friday night we invited all the young men from church out for a campout at the lake. Just as everyone was showing up so did the rain! It rained and winded pretty hard for about an hour, but then cleared off enough about 8:30 pm to start a fire and roast some hunks of bacon. Yep, we don't roast marshmellows at a mens campout, we stick with a meat theme! We had enough meat to feed an army, I guess that was a good thing because we basically did feed a small army!

So about 40 guys ended up staying overnight and they stayed up quite a bit later than I am used to. Going to bed at 2 am after eating a couple hunks of pig, handfuls of baked goods, and caffeinated beverages is not really a good recipe for properly functioning arteries. Anyhow I was up at 6 am and getting stuff ready for breakfast. You can never guess what was on the menu for breakfast, but for those not able to visualize here is a pic of one of the grills:

I actually had 10 old guys from church come out and cook breakfast for everyone. They grilled bacon and sausages, cooked 96 eggs, a couple hundred pancakes, and some secret recipe flying saucer pancakes for everyone. After breakfast we went down to the water and talked to the young men for a few minutes about life and then sang some worship songs and prayed together.

From there guys from church kept showing up all day long. We invited all guys and no gals! About 100 guys total came out for Saturday and just played hard all day long. Fishing, Swimming, Jetskiing, Tubing, Wakeboarding, Water Sliding, Volleyballing, Water Basketballing, Eating, Rope Swinging, Golf Ball Driving, 4 wheeler and Argo riding, and some more eating were the highlights from the day.

Even with all the activity on the water we still managed to catch some fish:

Chef Todd came out to cook up a cookout of epic proportions for our evening meal. He made up a whole bunch of marinated pork chops, burgers, and barbecue chicken. Here is everyone scarfing down the meat. We didnt have any women out at the lake the whole weekend so our food consisted of meat, meat, and desserts.

Chef did shake things up a bit for our final dessert of the weekend. He brought out 100 bananas, slit them open and packed them full of chocolate chips and some other secret ingredients and threw them right onto the grill on low heat.

He cooked them for about 15 minutes and served em with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream. That hit the spot pretty good. Here is Chef grilling the bananas.

So everyone left about 9 pm Saturday night and I barely made it home about 10 pm. I stumbled in the door, got no sympathy from Brook and fell asleep on the chair for about an hour before mustering up enough strength to take a shower and go to bed.

Sunday morning was off to church and then out to Hanna City for the annual Horsemeister Hog Roast. Over 300 people came out to my grandma's place to dine on pig and watch the horse show!

I love hog roasts but would have rather spent the afternoon snoozing in my chair on this particular day. Anyhow the hog was great and the kids loved riding the horses and now it is 9:57 pm and I am headed to bed. Next week thankfully isnt too busy. We are just planting the rest of our food plots, doing a couple pond consultations, and working in the office.
Oh yeah, here is a picture of some sort of moth. Chef says its a very rare special moth so I took a picture of it. If anyone knows what it is please let me know. It is actually pretty big.

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  1. i think it's called a lunar moth, not sure of the spelling, last time i saw one in this area was probably 3 years