Thursday, November 3, 2011

inFisherman Ice Fishing Critical Concepts

Last winter I filmed 3 ice fishing shows with Infisherman TV's fishing show Critiical Concepts! Well that series has now started running for this new upcoming season and I know for sure you can check it out on Thursday mornings at 6 am on the sportsmans channel!!! I am sure that series runs on other channels and other times as well, I am just only aware of that weekly broadcast thanks to an early morning phone call from Chef Todd last week! He did the cooking for the weekend we filmed last winter and he made a major impression on all the film guys!

I have filmed quite a few fishing shows with smaller outdoor companies on smaller markets and local channels, but the InFisheman Ice Fishing Critical Concepts is the biggest and most popular ice fishing show in the entire nation!!!! I am pretty excited. The three shows we filmed are on different segments that will be aired several times throughout the season!

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