Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Easter Seals Boat

I never knew what Easter Seals really was until last February when my son Drake was born. He was diagnosed with CMV and we didnt get to leave the hospital with him for a couple weeks. During that time in the NICU, Easter Seals stepped up and helped out TREMENDOUSLY. They assigned a person to us who has been helping coordinate, organize, and set up all the necessary doctors appointments, therapies, insurance meetings, etc. Kind of amazing really how they helped keep everything on track for Drake!!!

Right now Drake is 21 months old and pretty much finished with the Easter Seals program! Really is amazing how they helped us out for the last year and half! Would have been a total nightmare to go through all that withough their help. I can't thank them enough for their help, organization, and support! Hopefully you guys can help them out before you or someone you know needs them!!

So for a Drake update, he has lost his hearing in his right ear, but still can hear out of his left!!! He is much smarter and stronger than we thought he was gonna be and is learning to talk, sing, and is pretty much happy all the time except when there is candy nearby that he cant eat!

I can't say that he is a normal child, because he is my son AND more completely obessed with fish than I am or ever was. His favorite thing to do in the whole world is carry around a real fish. He gets poked and spiked and slimed and it doesnt deter him a bit! He will show everyone for literally hours his fishies:

Visit for more details!!! Great opportunity to help out Easter Seals and a great chance to win a very awesome boat!

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