Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gulf Shores Trip Conclusion

This Gulf Shores trip was supposed to just be a long weekend trip, but the weather was so nice and the kids were having so much fun, we pretty much decided to neglect all responsibilities back home and ended up staying 5 extra days.

When we return home early Sunday morning, its pretty much going to be cold and November. The nice weather of summer and fall are pretty much gonna be done.

So anyhow the last couple days down here on the coast we have just spent swimming, boogie boarding, shell collecting, and movie watching. Kids have been super active, having the time of their lives!! Last night we went souvenir shopping and ended up getting hermit crabs from souvenir city, that was always a highlight of mine as a kid, and it definitely is still a highlight these days as well! Those hermit crabs will be loved to death, literally....

Here is a pic of Neiko and Drake riding one of those quarter rides, that probably cost $.50 or $.75 these days....

We will leave about noon today. Our last day of fishing was Thursday morning. Not nearly as much action as Wednesday morning, but we still caught some nice fish.

Tyden holding up a nice speckled trout we caught early out in the surf!

These two gals from church came down with us as babysitters for the group. When you got tons of kids running around everywhere its nice to have extra hands helping change diapers, put kids down for naps, watch kids for going out to eat, and just to help play with kids on the beach.

Basically its these two girls who help make the vacation an actual vacation! Special thanks to Maddie and Livie for helping out so much!! Bringing multi-talented babysitters is a must for any vacation to the beach!!!

We use live shrimp for bait everyday, and we bring our own aerators down to keep them alive for the week so we always have fresh bait. Well at the end of the week there was a couple dozen live shrimp left, so since we were done fishing, on Friday instead of using them for bait, I fried them up for lunch!!

We stayed right on the beach at Lani Kai Condominimiums right in the heart of Gulf Shores. We fish alot right on the beach in front of the condo, but also love to fish at the Little Lagoon Pass about 2 miles west, the Gulf State Pier about 2 miles east, the Perdido Bridge and Beach about 10 miles east, and back in the backwaters of the lagoon on windy days. Occasionally we will head to Fort Morgan and go for monster Bull Reds and Sharks, but not that often cause its a 30 minute drive.

I have been fishing these waters on the coast since I was born and know all the people at the local bait shops, the local fisherman and charter captains. Also I know all the good restaurants, places to stay, and things to do as well. If anyone is headed to Gulf Shores for a family or fishing vacation and would be looking for some additional information beyond what the internet can provide, just shoot me an email or give me a call. I would be glad to point you in the right direction!

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