Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gulf Shores Alabama Day One

We finally left at 2 am on Friday morning headed for Gulf Shores! It is a 14 hour drive and me and the kids were so anxious to get there we drove straight through. At one point in the trip, Mae was so excited to get to the beach she said please don't go inside to get food that will take way too long, lets just go through the drive thru! She wanted to make the beach before nightfall!

My parents and Justin and Katy went down a couple days earlier so as I am driving down they kept sending me picture texts of fish they were catching right off the beach in front of my Grandma's condo and also at the Gulf Shores State Pier.

So one thing you will notice is they may catch some nice fish without me present, but the fish photo quality will at least go up tremendously once I show up with my camera.

Anyhow we pulled in about 4 pm and headed straight for the beach!! Mae, Noah, and Drake headed right for the water! Man did it ever feel good to be on Vacation!!! I know the area pretty good since I have been going there pretty much every year since I was born.

Fishing is great right off the beach. Naturally we got done swimming and started fishing as the sun started setting. Drake is really into all things outdoors and he especially loves fishies! He wants to be outside 24/7 even when its dark. He just hates inside and always wants to be out. Gets kind of annoying to always have to deal with him wanting to be outside everytime he hears a door open or close, but down deep my heart beats happily knowing outdoors is where he truly wants to be! This boy is gonna far outshine his daddy someday...... I was so proud I had to take tons of pictures:

So we went in at dark and ate the fresh whiting we caught. The fish was accompanied nicely by some Shrimp and Crayfish appetizers from Bahama Bobs just down the road!

Saturday and Sunday the fihsing wont be very good, because it is neap tide. That means not much tidal movement at all. Neap tide is basically God's gift to all the little fish in the Ocean. When the tide doesnt move, big fish dont chase after little fish. Little fish can take a couple days rest, but come Monday we are going to start filling up our coolers with fresh fish!!!

We will still fish on Saturday and Sunday, because we are addicted, but we wont fish much or hard. Fishing is sooo much better when the tide is moving. When the tide isnt moving we will swim and sleep and watch football. Oh yeah, we will consume lots of freshly caught fish and also lots of local seafood like Cajun Crayfish!!

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