Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gulf Shores Day Six

We headed out to the Little Lagoon Pass right at sunrise and started fishing in the newly dredged holes right where the lagoon water pours into the Ocean on outgoing tides. Well this was an outgoing tide, and the big redfish were stacked up in there thick!

For 2 hours we caught one after another after another after another!!! The third hour we only caught a couple, and then we headed out to relax the rest of the day. So here are some pics I snapped of everyone enjoying all the action! We were drifting live shrimp and ghost shrimp out the current and the redfish were slamming them! Also as the track hoes were digging, they were dislodging all kinds of ghost shrimp, sand fleas, crabs, etc and the redfish were right there feeding hard!

Everyone got in on the action:

So here is Drake carrying around fish again:

We got back around 9:30 am and cleaned all the fish. Redfish are phenominal for eating and we have a special heavy duty fillet knife for penetrating their dinosaur like skin and bones! The daily limit in Alabama is 3 redfish per license and we LOVE eating redfish! We loaded up on them today! While cleaning them, their stomachs were just chuck full of ghost shrimp, baby flounders, artificial soft plastic baits, minnows, and all kinds of crazy stuff:

So we played on the beach for quite awhile and then headed to the Gulf Shores State Pier for a couple hours of fishing. Before heading to the pier, a school of Ladyfish came in on the beach while we were swimming so I quick got a fishing rod and let the kids real one in:

So at the pier in the afternoon, Justin went after sheepshead along the pier columns and I went after Spanish Mackeral for my secret Mackeral recipe.

The fish werent biting great, but we ended up with a nice cooler of fish and we were back by 5 pm to wind down and prepare for an early morning of redfishing at the pass again! We are going to get there about an hour before sunrise this time!

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