Monday, October 24, 2011

Gulf Shores Day Four

We started out the day by heading out to the beach in front of the condo about 7 am with the kids. We walked a few hundred yards down and found a little hole that had some whitings in it. We fished about 2 hours and caught about 20 whitings and some pinfish. Nothing big came around, but the kids had a blast.

Here is Mae and Tyden fishing away. They have to do everything themselves now.

Noah has to do it all himself as well. He is only 4 years old and can fling the bait out with spinning tackle. I fished alot as a kid, but was like 8 years old before I learned how to do what he does!!

Then it was playing on the beach for the rest of the day. I thought yesterday was as good as it gets for weather, but today is the only day that could ever beat yesterday. 81 degrees, flat calm, and sunny.

We headed out fishing late this afternoon and this time werent just joined by my kids, but all my sisters kids and my sisters friends kids as well. Made for an interesting evening, but boy did they all have a blast. All the kids got to real in fish and the guy down the way caught a shark that had em all excited. We caught some really awesome fish. Here is Tyden holding up a couple of the flounders:

Sarah and Katy holding up some giant sheepshead:

Justin and Katie with a big black drum:

Drake playing with a croaker. He loves fish and isnt scared to pick em up! When they poke him he just say OWW and keeps right on picking em up! He carried a dead minnow around with him all night, it was great!! He is so gonna be the biggest fish geek on the planet....

Amy with a Monster black drum:

We fished till about 7:30 and headed in for the night. Tomorrow the tide is goingto be just right for beach fishing and I think the whiting will be biting on the beach all day long so I plan on fishing while the kids are playing. Then will go out to some spots looking for some Mackeral and Sheepshead in the afternoon and hopefully some big redfish in the evening.

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