Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food, Fish, N Fun Stuff

Saturday morning it was freezing cold outside, but Tyden, Noah, Grandpa, and I decided to see if anything was biting down at the dock. Not much activity, but we did manage a few good ones. This time of year I prefer to fish in the afternoons to let the water warm up a degree or two, but we had a brief opening in the morning for fishing and we took it.

We had some very special guests in from Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday and Saturday and our mission was to show them the time of their lives with a focal point on outdoor activities. Shelby and Ann were up for a weekend they will never forget. We jampacked as many cool things into those two days as humanly possible. We rented very warm wet suits and took them scuba diving, high dive jumping, rope swinging, clay pigeon shooting, handgun shooting, archery shooting, heavy equipment operating, Chef Todd cooking, and hit the Spoon River Drive!

On their way up I texted them to see if they liked meat. On an extreme outdoor weekend you pretty much need to eat meat and with high school girls nowadays you just never know anymore. Anyhow when meal planning with Chef, my text went like this- Bacon or Sausage, Turkey or Ham, Steak or Chicken, Livers or Gizzards....

We ate well: Sausage Bagels

Bananas Foster French Toast

Chef and the crew getting an early start.

Chef then took Bruce out fishing for a bit while I took care of a few things on land. They caught some nice fat fish!!

Some pictures of the activities. We also filmed the entire weekend, including underwater scuba footage of feeding the fish. I am sure those videos will surface in the weeks to come.

This is a random picture of a Pony from the flavor factory in Cuba, Il. A pony is a mini version of the classic Horseshoe.

Monday we had subcontractor appreciation lunch on a big project we are working on. Mark Rocke and Lee Esslinger cooked up a feast consisting of Venison Cheddar Brats, Elk Burgers, and Andoiulle Sausages.

Justin and Cole have been cleaning up the edges of our lake and making a walking path all the way around it right on the waters edge with rip rap. I am so pumped to eventually have good shoreline access all the way around the lake!! Makes it way more usable!

My older brothers pond is finished. We still are burning some of the leftover tree debris and are going to put in a sweet beach, but pretty much finished. Now we need some rain so we can stock the smallies and perch!

Saturday evening we went to the coolest bonfire ever at a clients place near Brimfield. The logs were stacked 30 feet high and the flames light up the whole 10 acre field! Sweatshirts and blanckets before lighting the fire and Tshirts and sunglasses after lighting the fire.

Also for entertainment they had fire dancers, balloon clowns, face painting, and all sorts of games and tons of FOOD. Lots of fun with the kids.

This weekend we are gonna film a youth deer hunt, so hopefully some deer will get out and about with all the warm nice weather forecasted this week. WOW, this weather is as good as it gets, nice and cool in the morning and calm and sunny in the afternoons!!! Hope you all get outside as much as possible during this changing of the seasons! Looks to be an awesome month ahead.

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