Monday, October 24, 2011

Gulf Shores Day 3

Sunday was calm, sunny and 79 degrees. You simply cannot make better weather than that! We got up early and headed out fishing. We actually didnt catch much, but we did manage enough to make fish sandwiches for lunch!

Check out the teeth on this Mackeral! Tyden sure had fun catching this fish. He was using fresh dead shrimp for bait.

So Spanish Mackeral is a phenominal fish to eat, but you have to eat it the same day you catch it. It does not keep very long at all. With that being said, we only keep mackeral if we can eat them the same day we catch them. One of the days this week we will keep a dozen mackerals, clean up the fillets real good taking out all the red meat and will actually cook them in the microwave. Doing this makes the pure white meat real stringy and chewy almost mimicking the texture and flavor of crab meat perfectly! Dip in butter and enjoy a feast fit for a king. Will hopefully have those pics tuesday or wednesday.

We didn't stay out fishing long, and headed back in about 9 am. There is like 30 of us down here and we had a little church service out on the beach with all the kids. The kids are all playing great, they spent the whole day playing on the beach making sand castles, catching kokinas, sand fleas, and little crabs. I absolutely love watching them explore!!

So back to the food for a minute, we have been eating alot of fish sandwiches which I don't have pictures of, but I do have some pictures of Sunday afternoon dinner. These pics are pretty much soley for Greg's office manager Miriam. She makes fun of me for taking pics of food, so here you go. Chicken and Macaroni and Vegetables for Sunday dinner!!

Here you go Mirna, this is what the feast looked like all put together:

Then back out fishing after dinner and we brought the family out for the evening. We caught quite a few trash fish, so that kept things interesting for the kids, but we didnt manage to catch very many fish for eating. Sunday was the last day for neap tide so the fishing should get much much better the next few days! My prediction is that Wednesday will be dynamite!! Anyhow here are a couple pics:

We stayed up pretty late, but the kids had a blast.

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