Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gulf Shores Day Two Fishing State Pier

We headed to the Gulf Shores State Pier at 7 am Saturday morning. Neap tide and very calm seas so we knew the only hope of catching a fish would be first thing in the morning. Katy connected on this big bull red on her first cast!

She was using a dead shrimp tipped with a hard piece of my dad's special home cured shrimp for bait and casted underneath the pier and bamm!! We thought maybe just maybe the fishing would be good, but we only ended up catching three sheepshead over the next 2 hours.

We headed in about 9 am and spent the rest of the day swimming, walking, playing and laying on the beach. Fresh Sheepshead sandwiches for lunch! It was 76 degrees and sunny with not much breeze. Absolutely perfect day.

Here is a pic from the pier looking back:

Oh yeah, also along on this trip are my sisters and all their kids, several of their friends and all their kids, and my good friends from Georgia, Greg and Wendy Grimes and their kids. Everyone had a blast today! Drake is basically in heaven. He explored all day long, never cried once, even when he got lots of sand in his eyes, mouth, ears, hair, etc. Even after I let him fall down in the waves a few times to learn a tad bit of fear, never a peep. He is rock solid and total MAN!! Noah is 100 times more girly and fearfull than Drake is. (Sorry Noah, but some day when you can read this blog will probably no longer exist).

So all the girls have cameras out taking pics of their kids doing this and doing that and doing the other thing. My camera only comes out when there are fish or animals or food involved.

Here is a pic of me and Drake feeding the seagulls our leftovers:

Tonight we went to De Sotos Seafood restaurant with Greg and Wendy. The ladies gobled up paneed grouper with Bernice sauce and the boys gobled down shrimp. Shrimp is pretty much my favorite food on planet earth. Greg pops into my blog every now and then, and said his office manager was reading my blog the other day and was very impressed with all the food pictures and descriptions. OK so maybe he didnt use the actual words "very impressed" but basically that was what he was implying that she was saying........Needless to say no food pictures for Greg's office manager tonight!

So originally this trip was planned as a quick getaway from Friday to Tuesday. Basically that was how I could justify going, but we and the kids are having such a good time and the weather is forecasted to be 80 and sunny for the rest of the week. Anyhow I am making the necessary arrangements to stay through Friday cause this would just be a shame to go home so soon.

Plus the neap tide of Saturday and Sunday will turn into the best tides of the year for Tuesday thru Thursday.

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