Monday, November 14, 2011

Jamaica Work Trip January 2012!

January 6th 2012 we are coordinating a work team to Jamaica and we still need some more guys to join us for this project! For a little background, from 1994 to 2004 we headed down to Jamaica every January to work on building the Montego Bay campus for the Caribean Christian Centre for the Deaf. When we finished that campus, we just kind of stopped heading down there.

Well, anyhow out of the blue my dad gets a phone call from the Jamaica Deaf Village (which is a few hours from the Montego Bay Campus) last month saying that one of their buildings desperately needs a roof put on it and he was told we were the guys to get er done. Somehow he tracked down my dad's contact information from the Montego Bay people and anyhow now we are assembling a work team and headed for Jamaica! Here is a pic of one of the buildings we built back in the 90's:

Currently we are putting together the roof design and coordinating all the logistics, materials, food, etc for the trip. With a few phone calls and emails to all the folks who used to head down there with us, we have put together a rock solid work team so far, but what we need is still at least 10 more guys to make this possible!! Ladies we will put you to work as well! If you are interested get your passport expedited immediately and give me a call for more details! 309-303-5691 or shoot me an email to

The cost of the trip is roughly $850 per person which includes airfare, lodging, food, materials, etc. But don't let that inhibit you from coming. We have some folks (and we definitely are looking for more) who cannot make the trip, but will sponsor others to go in their place! Any help is greatly appreciated in making this project possible. The dates are January 6th-13th, but that may possibly change up or down a day.

We will be building the trusses, and setting them onto this roof. Plenty of up in the air work for young adventure seekers and plenty of ground work for the old and wise. The weather is usually mid-80's in Mobay that time of year, but the Deaf Village is up in the mountains so if I remember correctly lower 80's and without the humidity!

The Montego Bay Campus is a 7 acre school facility for deaf children. While attending that school they live on Campus. The Deaf Village (where we will be heading) is a 100 acre village for deaf families to live and work and attend church! Really an awesome place up in the mountains!!

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