Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blue Catfish Stocking

I have several clients looking to create awesome catfish ponds this spring so I have lined up a fish truck from Oklahoma to come on up with a load of farm raised pellet trained blue catfish! Very exciting, we are gonna grow 30-40 blue cats in relatively small bodies of water!

Perfect timing too, cause this months issue of Pond Boss Magazine is all about all the different species of Catfish! My good friend Bruce Condello is on the cover this month!! If you don't get the magazine your missing out my friends:

Hey another cool read is a website I stumbled across called This site is becoming very popular and just one click and you will see exactly why. Here is a recent article about fishing Crappies at Kinkaid Lake.

The fishing parks guided fishing trip auction on Monday went great! Thanks to all the guides who donated trips and all the people who came and bought them!! If you missed out this year, plan on coming next year for sure!

So anyhow I woke up one morning and this week was over. Wow, where does the time go? Right now its 8:49 pm Saturday evening and I am actually too tired to go to bed. Burnt the candle on both ends every day this week and now am ready to crash on Sunday. I can guarantee you that I will have the jello head neck bob at church. Pretty much everyone will know that yep I am sleeping...

This Sunday is extra special because it is my sister and my birthday!! 29 years old this year! Here is to hoping that birthday cards have a little green in them this year. Who doesnt open a card and have that little tiny spec of hope that there is a 5 or a 10 or who knows maybe a 20 inside? So disappointing when you open a card with nothing but words in there.

If it doesnt rain or wind too bad after church I just might have to take the kids fishing! If that doesnt pan out, I will just head out offshore fishing near some oil rigs while I nap in my chair...

We built a simple, but cool floating boat ramp dock on Tuesday out in Elmwood. It only takes one day for us to build and install docks of this size. This one though we had to go back Wednesday morning to finish though, go figure...

Things are really picking up at the office. SPRING is coming!!! Allen was shipping out packages like a madman this week. Friday was the biggest day for shipments, our online store is on Fire which is great.

Most of this stuff is headed down south to states like Florida, Texas, and Alabama. Over the next few weeks you can just watch the trend move North little by little.

I talked to a freshwater prawn farmer down in Southern Illinois this week. I am gonna tour his operation the first of June when I pick up several thousand prawns to stock in a couple clients ponds. That is gonna be a very fun experiment that hopefully I will get in on a handful of prawn harvesting and eating parties in October. Supposedly they are not that hard to raise as long as they dont die...good one eh?

So anyhow I didnt get to work on my house much this week, but today we got quite a bit done! My goal is to get the roof dried in by this time next Saturday. I get an extra hour of daylight starting tomorrow which doesnt sound like much, but will help tremendously.

Forecast is calling for 70's all next week!

One last thought- my buddy down in Georgia takes care of Jeff Foxworthy's lakes. Anyhow he has made arrangements to sell off the unwanted bass from the trophy lake down there. Even if your not interested in purchasing these fish, its still interesting to read about what they are doing there on that lake- Foxworthy Lake Bass

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