Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boone and Crockett Bluegills

The kids did a great job remembering their lines at the Easter Program at church today, and then like wildfire heading for prairie grass we were headed towards the lake! Man was it ever a nice day today, WOW! We have been blessed with the best March weather on the planet and the fish are biting! This bluegill was a beast:

Anyhow we headed out on our made from scratch big pontoon boat and found a bunch of big bluegills up near the surface feeding on insect hatches believe it or not over 14 feet of water. Crazy awesome is all I can say. We didnt have much bait, so we were mainly throwing small crankbaits and the bluegills were hammering them!

We also caught a bunch of largemouth, a handful of smallmouth bass, one crappie, and one hybrid striped bass and 3 rainbow trout. I only have pics of this crappie and a handful of the bluegill above.

So anyhow I was taking one of the rainbow trout off the hook boatside and I managed to sink one of the treble hooks deep into the underside joint in my middle finger. I get hooks in me all the time, but this one was more than what I could rip out or cut out on my own. I actually didnt tell any of the guys for the first 5 minutes, but after nearly passing out I decided I better get some help getting er out.

5 minutes later all was good and we were back in action. We moved up along the shoreline on a 3-5' deep flat and caught bunches of largemouth bass on topwater buzzbaits, mepps spinners, and bomber fat A's. We could see quite a few muskie lurking around, but couldnt get them interested in any baits.

About 6:30 pm and it was off to Farmington Pizza Company for some grub on the way home.

Anyhow, fish were on fire all week long. The guys fishing at Cabin Fever in Victoria, IL texted me a pic of a tiger muskie we stocked in their big lake just 2.5 years ago as a yearling fingerling.

Cabin Fever is a private campground, but they do have some nightly spots with electricity available or for just $10 you can launch your boat and fish all day. They have much better than average fishing.

Out at Glovers private pond in Fulton County the fish are growing like weeds as well. Their girls love to fish just as much as our girls do:

I am gonna try to squeeze more into this upcoming week than is probably humanly possible, but I gotta get er done. Gonna be consulting in Ottawa for a couple ponds, building docks in Kickapoo, electrofishing in Lewiston, Missouri, stocking lots of ponds with big fish from Oklahoma and putting in aeration systems near Pittsfield, also electrofishing a couple ponds in Pittsfield, electrofishing near Astoria, and stocking a lake in Kickapoo, and getting the trout for the indoor trout pond at Presley's this upcoming weekend.

Then I will get home Friday evening by 4:30 pm and 30 minutes later Brook and I are going to Bloomington for a weekend getaway/conference. Next Sunday I have an all day appointment with my recliner, in my livingroom hopefully with the air conditioning on. It may be a couple weeks till I get a spare minute to post some more pics...

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