Friday, March 2, 2012

Awesome Turkey Video and Cool Project Update

My buddy from the Quad Cities sent me this video in an email, and I thought it very interesting and something quite different:

We got the trout pond set up at the Elmwood All Outdoors Show, got some whoppers in that little pond! Hope you guys all come out!

The Catch a Dream fishing trips silent auction via email has been going much better than expected! Many of the trips have already sold and we are coming up with quite a few more trips for the live auction Monday night at EP's Timeout in East Peoria. Hope to see you all there. Also keep in mind that we can create a custom fishing trip too. I have created several custom trips for clients already for this event so if you dont see a trip on the list that you would want, just let me know and we will create any customized fishing trip you can think of.

So then this week I was at the nicest deer and turkey hunting property perhaps in the whole state. The owner of the property is creating the ultimate recreational property and is doing pretty much anything you can think of to make Wildlife Utopia. First where I come into the picture is the 9 brand new lakes, ponds, and wetlands that were constructed last year. Each one will be customized and intensively managed individually like for example a crappie pond, a catfish pond, a smallmouth pond, a rainbow and brown trout pond, a redear sunfish pond, a largemouth bass pond, a bait pond and here is the one I am most excited about a freshwater PRAWN pond! Yep, we are getting prawns shipped up from Texas and if all goes good will be harvesting them in September 6-8 of them to the lb!

So even though the ponds have themes, I still need to come up with supporting fish populations of other species that will enhance the main goal of each pond. A good supporting cast you could say. Fun stuff...

Anyhow, Some of the work that is being done on this property is an 18,000 sq ft custom lodge with every feature you cant even imagine, over 2500 large fruit trees have been planted, food plots everywhere, special quail and rabbit brush piles created everywhere and in the middle of the property he hinge cut 60 acres of timber leaving on the best of the best trees standing and then brought in an airplane and fertilized the forest floor! That 60 acres is the thickest most amazing deer and turkey habitat on the planet. Its so thick you cannot walk into it even if you wanted to!

On the home front, every evening I am either working on building my house, my brother inlaws house, or my brothers house. Those projects are coming along nicely and believe it or not are all within 1/2 mile of each other. Here is a pic of my house from Thursday evening, still plugging away trying to get er dried in, I have the back finished so far, still need to get the front done. Unfortunately the weather doesnt look to good for Saturday....

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