Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Bluegill, Bigger Bluegill and Monster Bluegill

I have been experimenting with bluegill nutrition and genetics extensively since 2007. My proving grounds is a 30 acre lake out in Fulton County where we study fish intricately. Anyhow if you look closely in the following pics of these monster boone and crocket bluegill you will see about 10 different strains of regular and hybrid bluegill. Contrary to popular belief, I can actually grow regular bluegill bigger than hybrid bluegill. Hybrid Bluegill just grow quicker, but ultimately not bigger.

InFisherman contributor and international fishing guru Steve Ryan and his buddy Doug came down for a day of fishing for bluegill pics and these photos just scratch the surface of what they caught. Look for photos similar to these in upcoming magazines, articles and product advertisements!

They also caught plenty of other species of fish, but bluegill pics was the focus of the day.

This beast of a smallmouth bass is actually on her way out.  Probably almost a 10 year old fish that caught in her prime would have given the state record a run for its money.

I got an email from Steve on Monday. It was nice and I thought it appropriate to post with the photos:


Somewhat crazy around here this morning (afternoon) but didn't want to get side tracked any longer without saying thanks again for letting me fish your little piece of paradise.
There was a period Saturday afternoon where I just couldn't stop smiling based upon the size of the gills. Just incredible and greatly appreciated.
In all my years of chasing big gills, I have never seen anything like it. A true testament to your lake management skills.......
Thanks, Steve
This week like most has been somewhat crazy for us as well! Beautiful weather and always lots of stuff happening. I got out of a big road trip up to savana for stocking a new smallmouth pond, putting in a cedar floating dock, aeration system, fish feeder, the whole works basically. The guys are loading up the fish and heading out first thing in the morning. I have kindergarten graduation thursday night.
The only problem with the weather is that it is so nice right now, but our lack of rain this spring is going to have some huge ramifications in the weeks and months ahead. Could be a very hot dry summer....Ponds that are usually overflowing are actually several feet low to start out the summer.
I was electrofishing a guys lake near Emden this morning and his lake is already 7 feet lower this year than it was last year at this time. Now I am excited for the mid 90 degree temps forecasted for this weekend, because I plan on swimming!! The only projects we are working on are in or near the water projects at the lake. Building 2 water slides so that will be fun. Sunday we will catch a bunch of hybrid striped bass and will have a huge fish fry!!!
Oh yeah I forgot that on Saturday we have 20 guys coming down to fish at Otter Creek with Chef Todd. I will be there in the morning to get things rolling, but then have to get back to the lake to get them water slides built. Should have tons of fish and food pics to post come Monday.....err Tuesday. 


  1. Jeez...they are the size of your just kidding, but seriously you can't tell really how big they are becuase there is nothing to compare it to in the photographs...

    What was the biggest fish's length?

  2. Wow! Those bluegill are HUGE! They must be a good fight too.

  3. Monsters ! That circle must be awesome.