Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday, Jared and I headed down near Carbondale to check out Jason's new 100 acre property. He wants the property set up for wildlife and his 4 ponds set up for FISHING!! He was pumped up when he found out we came down that far south. Here are some pics of the terrible small and skinny fish we have to work with on his property already. Turns out his main 4 acre pond is loaded with gizzard shad that he never knew were there. Electrofishing Pics.

Here is a pretty cool subdivision up near Chicago. Later in the week we were working right next to it and had to stroll through and check out this skiing and wakeboarding community. 

On Friday we built this dock up in Manhattan, IL. Took us till 9 pm to finish along with putting in a nice fountain, but we got er done and got home around midnight! 

Some more recent dock projects:

Some fishing pics:

After working 85 hours this week, I spent all day today just playing with kids. This is the kind of stuff I did my whole childhood, so its fun to relive those days with my children. Yes its dangerous and dont try this at home. 

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