Saturday, July 21, 2012

Super Fast Pond and Lake Waterslide

This week we built perhaps the fastest waterslide on the planet. Its so fast, modifications will surely have to be made to slow down before entering the water with your lips and eyelids stuck inside your face.

Anyhow here are some pics of this slide we built out near Abingdon:

Then we had just enough time left in the week to build this nice dock for JR over near Bloomington on Friday:

JR's pond is about 3.5 feet low, but he just put in a well last week and is gaining an inch or two per day so that is pretty sweet!

About halfway done with the dock on Friday and I slip up just enough while cutting off a deck post to put the reciprocating sawzall blade right through my shorts and into my inner thigh. (Those were my good shorts too that I was not supposed to be wearing to work). So the guys got er all taped up and the bleeding stopped with some bandaids and electrical tape. Yes I have a very large leg.

Anyhow after about passing out up near the truck while looking at the fat inside my leg I laid down for a few minutes, regained composure, and finished the dock with the guys before heading back to the ER in Peoria to get er cleaned out and stitched up. Which kinda really stunk cause I had plans of taking the boys to the demolition derby at the fair and the ER took for stinkin ever.

I grabbed a photo quick after the nurse cleaned it up waiting for the doc to put in some stitches. More of a stab wound than a cut, yummy. Not a very long cut, but a couple inches deep.

So anyhow besides a very sore leg, I am very thankful to miss some major arteries and other very precious sensitive areas in that region. Worked on my house all day today (with a very sore leg). I only get about 1 day a week to work on it and finally am ready for inspection so I can insulate and drywall!!

At this pace I am hoping for a Thanksgiving move in. The last house I built only took 7 months from start to finish, but this one will take all of 12 months. I couldnt do much today, so I just helped Brook and the kids clean up and organize for a good portion of the day. Was fun!!

Obviously the record heat is still here and rain is few and far between. Saw another huge fish kill today on way home from my house. Big fish floating everywhere. If this hot weather and drought keeps up there arent gonna be any fish left here in Central Illinois. I am getting phone calls and emails daily from folks all across the midwest with dying fish.

If you think your water quality is deteriorating, get ahold of me ASAP for a few things to do to try and stave off the fish kill headed your way. Water quality is very important right now, especially because hot water cannot saturate with Oxygen like cold water can. Very little margin for error for the next 6 weeks!

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