Sunday, July 8, 2012

Venice Offshore Fishing Justins Boat Pics

Ok so first day of offshore fishing definitely goes to my boat for quality of fish, but numbers definitely goes to Justin, Chad, and Jareds boat. Oh yeah, my boat was basically the old men, their boat was the young bucks.
They took an 80 mile gamble on finding some tunas schooled up way offshore and struck out. So then on their way back in they hit up some oil rigs and loaded up on a limit of amazing red snapper, a bunch of monster mangroves, and some great eating grouper!

Hey did you notice the guys sporting the new HB shirts! Next time I head out to your place just let me know what size you wear and I will bring a shirt along for sure!!

Ok so I have caught alot of mangrove snapper in my day and I absolutely love fishing for them and eating them. Typically a good mangrove for me is in the 3-4 lb range, but this monster mangrove Jared caught is a world class trophy! Just for grins I looked up the Louisiana state record - 14.36 lbs.

I didnt get a weight or length on Jareds fish, and I think Mark just ate if for dinner, but oh well. Awesome fish! I was blown away with how many big mangroves they caught! Usually a 3-4 lber is a good one for me!!

I think quite a few state records end up with the same fate....oh yeah Mark made for sure to note that the veggies in the above pic were all harvested from his garden just hours before joining the snapper for dinner! Seriously, we all have been eating Tuna and snapper and mahi mahi like crazy the last 4 days, at this rate we will be needing to schedule another fishing trip in just a couple more weeks!

Stay tuned again, this is just the finishing up of both of our boats for just the first day of  offshore tuna fishing out of Venice. The second day of our trip we both hit the motherload, Justin swam with a whale shark and he made a sweet video that is ready to upload onto youtube!

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