Friday, July 13, 2012

Tuna Fishing Results Final Day

So the other guys headed back to the cabins to shower, but I am pretty much used to sitting in stinky fish slime all day long anyhow, so I waited back at the marina for our other boat to come in. I really hoped that they would catch at least some tunas, but I was kind of discouraged at most of the boats coming in with no tunas to speak of.
That is very uncommon for Venice this time of year, but bait was hard to get and the tunas across the board were just no on for some reason....Finally I get a text that the guys are 30 minutes out, but no mention or pics of any fish caught....I am literally biting my nails hoping they caught some fish.

Those slime filled stinky 30 minutes waiting alone in the 95 degree sweltering musky humid hot heat actually went by rather quickly because I threw down a few drinks and made a couple phone calls and talked to a few captains, gave out a few business cards, signed a handful of autographs, and just breathed in the last few breaths of the ocean air.....ok enough nonsense, the boat finally came in and started plopping their fish into the cart:

So apparently they hit up a weedline and some rigs on their way in from tuna fishing. Thats a given in Venice this time of year, big deal....Then finally the guys start to talk and the phones with pictures start to come out and the cameras with video footage. Oh yeah, they overloaded the cart and filled it with these yellowfin:

So while they are filling the cart with awesome fish, I am watching footage on their phones and cameras of them swimming with whales and looking at pics of some of the coolest fishing scenery on the planet:

Can you imagine being way out in the ocean flat calm fishing by huge ships and floating oil rigs with crystal clear water, whales and whale sharks, and tunas swimming around!! Very cool, check out this video to get a little taste of their experience:

Here are the rest of their photos for those of you too lazy or with too bad of internet to view the video:

Ok, so they absolutely hit the motherload!! By far the best haul of the day from Venice Marina, trust me I saw all the boats coming in and there was nothing close. Captain Josh with Deep South Charters got them boys out 45 minutes earlier than all the other boats, was able to get bait in short order whereas most boats struggled and he stayed out a good hour longer than the rest of the boats.

Now if you want a pretty for sure deep sea fishing trip, go bottom fishing out of Venice. If you want to take a chance at a trip of a lifetime, go tuna fishing out of Venice with Captain Josh. And if you want to spread the risk out a little bit, plan on two days of fishing to give you the best odds at steady action and the tuna trip of a lifetime.

And definitely plan ahead accordingly, because one cooler in the back of minivan just aint gonna cut it to get all the fish meat back home. We had even the uhaul maxed out with 8 coolers full of fish!

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  1. Super nice report! Love the pics and video! We had a blast fishing with your crew! Cant wait to have you back in Venice.

    Capt Josh