Sunday, October 28, 2012

A New Herman and Some Cold Water....

We had a very tight schedule this week, so naturally Justins wife Katy decides to have her baby a few days early:

Crosby James Herman born sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday. Somewhere between 15-20 inches long and 6-9 lbs.... I am very suspicious that Justin isnt the paternal father of this child- The baby is just way too good looking out of the gate...

The project Justin has been working on the last couple weeks is shaping up very nicely! This lake renovation is gonna be just awesome. Yellow Perch and Walleye are the feature of this lake.

Last Sunday after church we went over to Justin and Jareds place (yep, they are neighbors) and just played with the dogs, shot guns with the kids, and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire!!

Mom and Dad were still in Gulf Shores when they got the news Katy was in Labor....They scooted home as fast as possible. Anyhow they were still pounding big bullreds every night!

Hans with Home Comfort Insulation was also down there last week with his family, so they joined up with mom and dad and reeled in some big boys too!

So they would fish at night and just rest up during the day.. While there they saw that one of the units in the nextdoor TriPlex was for sale. This was right next door to my grandma's condo were they were staying.....The market is still depressed down there and the guy selling the condo needed to sell ASAP....Needless to say we purchased the unit for about half what they sold for in 2006!

It is 2000 square feet, sleeps 10 and is directly across the street from the Ocean. It backs up to the lagoon which is chuck full of redfish, flounder, and croaker! It also has this little swimming pool/hottub!!

So anyhow we will be renting the place out from April thru September and then will be using it from October to March!! So if your headed to Gulf Shores at any point in the future, look me up and I'll hook you up with a place to stay and some fishing intel.... I know every nook and cranny for shore and beach fishing from Ft. Morgan all the way to Orange Beach. I also know the best charter captains too if your looking to fish from a boat offshore or inshore....(you dont need a boat to catch monster fish down in this zone!!)

Anyhow, we did some electrofishing and consulting this week:

But the main projects were fish stockings and replacing floats under a massive 120' long floating dock. The owners decided to put 4000 lb planters on the corners of the dock after the fact so I naturally said "no problem" we can figure out how to make it work....thinking next spring....well they were thinking before we rented very warm wetsuits and took our opportunity on the 80 degree Wednesday!!

We also decided not to sleep this week and stocked over 20 lakes with rainbow trout, plus some lakes and ponds with walleye, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and very big largemouth bass! This bass is only 18 months old and is growing rapidly....But it isnt exactly healthy....She grew too fast for her body to handle....We pulled her out of the gene pool and into our office aquarium...

Now she lives with this beast:

I didnt get to work on the house much this week, but am making slow progress. I laid the laundry room and bathroom floor and Brook helped me hang the kitchen cabinets. I have 30 days to finish the house and move in by Nov 30th.....

Our food plots at our property are loving the rain and sun....

Rustin harvested one of these deer this week from this 3 acre plot we planted at their property near Henry!

So anyhow to finish off this week, we got a load of walleyes in Wednesday about midnight, got them delivered with about an hour to spare before the big truckload of trout came in about noon. We got done delivering trout late thursday night and headed up to Jason's place in northern Illinois at 6 am to set more deer towers for him. (he is the guy with the bobcat trail cam from last week). We planted a bunch of food plots for him earlier this year, set up some trail cameras and deer towers and then came back up to set up 4 more towers. Two redneck blinds for bow/shotgun hunting and some Hughes blinds for shotgun season. Here are some pics, he is completely set up!!


This one overlooks the valley and on the other side overlooks a sorghum plot!!!

This one overlooks the huge hill on the backside and some shot plot on the topside...

We cleared a couple shooting lanes to shoot from the Redneck:

Front view of the redneck overlooking another sorghum and whitetail harvest salad patch:

The other redneck is positioned on a tree line overlooking forage oats that are a cover crop for the newly planted alfalfa. This is the one I would hunt out of all day opening day.....

Client Dave down past Carmi, IL in way southern Illinois sent me some walleye pics from his 2 acre, 11' deep pond!! Everyone always asks "Is my pond big or deep enough for walleye?" I always say YEP! I have a client down in Southern Illinois with an 11' deep pond growing walleyes!!

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