Saturday, October 20, 2012

Redfish, BobLion, Deer Towers....

My mom and dad are down in Gulf Shores, Alabama and they are on a world class bull redfish bite! The tide is just right each night and bull reds and black tip sharks are congregating right off the beach where the water comes into Perdido Bay...They are seriously catching as many monster bull reds as their arms can take every night!

Any fish before dark is a BONUS....

We go every year at this time, but this year I wasnt able to go since I am building this stinkin house..... but my grandma needs new cabinets in her condo so early December me and the kids got just the excuse we need to get out of Ptown....

We installed some trail cameras last month for Jason up in Northwest corner of Illinois not too far from the Mississipi River. He emailed over this pic of what could be or looks to be a bobcat mixed with a mountain lion...what do you think?

So anyhow we just bought another hunting farm that we closed on last week! This one is in Fulton County- 194 acres of pure whitetail deer and turkey habitat!! My brothers and I have been dreaming of this since we were old enough to dream....This property is about as raw as it gets, but with a little HB TLC it will become one of the best trophy whitetail farms in the county!! Will keep ya posted...We also closed on the Dahinda Tree farm and are very excited to start pruning the walnut trees this winter and smallmouth bass fishing in the spring!!

My brothers set up a bunch of stands and towers today:

These towers are sweet cause they are designed for bowhunting and shotgun hunting!!

Again Im left out on all the fun for this fall setting up deer towers and ladder stands and hunting, because of my wonderful house project I have been working on for the last 11 months....I did manage to get some stone on the front thanks to some help from Luke Rocke!!

Anyhow this week I worked on some lake projects for the guy who owns Rock River Arms company. Very cool, we are gonna turn this new lake into JUMBO perch lake and his home lake into Crappie Mecca...

From there I headed to Cedar Rapids and installed some deer feeders for Tom. He wants to turn his 40 acres into wildlife paradise. Next spring we are turning his tillable ground into prairie grasses and various wildlife plots!

From Cedar Rapids, Jared and I drove over to Palo, Iowa to help Steve create the best 10 acre multi-species fishing lake on the planet. He straight up dug a 10 acre lake pretty much in his front yard for the last 2 years and now he has a 400 gpm well to fill that baby up. Mark my words, this will be the funnest lake hands down in the state of Iowa to fish in 2014!

So anyhow Steve also ran electricity and WiFi to his deer towers out in the woods on his property. I wouldnt trespass on that place though, cameras are everywhere and the feeds are sent back to a DVR...Very Cool!

So our motor for the electrofishing boat needed fixed so the guys at Bass Pro are patching her up. This evening I am electrofishing a pond over near Morton with the backup 8 HP motor and there is a group of 40 people on the shore eagerly awaiting to see what fish are in their newly acquired pond....anyhow after 15 minutes of pulling the cord, Im about ready to pass out from heat exhaustion...the stupid thing just wouldnt start....Justin thankfully threw the old 2 HP Honda into the truck for me as a backup for the backup....She fired up and we dialed up a boat load full of fish!!

Male on the left, redear x bluegill hybrid in the middle, female on the right....

Just a bit on this pond is the family who owns it plans on using it for many church picnics, family reunions, etc so on my way over I went to Bass Pro and loaded up a cart full of lures, hooks, bobbers, rod and reels, first aid kit, and fish cleaning supplies....very fun. Its one thing to grow a bunch of good fish, but its almost more important to have the right fishing gear and education.....
These girls had fun putting all the lures into the new tackle box!


  1. Wow..Superb fish..Golden fish is looking really cool..It's not a fish but it's a shark..I like the towers pretty much as they are sweet cause they are designed for bowhunting and shotgun hunting..

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