Monday, May 20, 2013

Fish Are On FIRE

If you didn't get out fishing this week, make plans to get out fishing as soon as humanly possible. I spent the week building a dock and shocking lakes up in Wilmington and Canton, but on Saturday I took people fishing from 7 am to 9 pm.....

First here are some pics of fish we shocked up this week with the electrofishing boat. One of the properties we were on is 1000 acres with lakes everywhere. Lots of big fish of pretty much every species! Oh yeah, this place is just 2 cornfields over from my place near Canton, IL and it actually is for sale! Let me know if you want to be neighbors and catch these fish!! Check out these fish pictures:

So here are some pics of the cool floating boathouse dock we are building in Fulton County:

Tuesday at 4 pm:

Wednesday at Noon:

Wednesday we headed home about 5 pm:

Also we shocked a nice lake up in Wilmington, IL this week. The bluegills up there were just starting to make their nests...

Here is a zipline we put in near Astoria:

Then finally Saturday comes along...I took a group of guys from Rock River Arm company fishing Saturday morning. We caught about 15 nice walleye, lots of small bass, lots of really nice bluegill, a couple big stripers, a big trout, and lost a huge walleye and big pike at the boat.

Then after fishing with the Rock River Arms guys, I took the Mamer boys out fishing for the evening. They purchased this fishing trip from a Hooked On Fishing Fundraiser. We had an absolute blast!

Started things off with this nice walleye:

Caught a bunch of huge bluegill:

Caught a monster rainbow trout:

A spawned out smallmouth bass:

Some small catfish, this one was albino:

Our limit of hybrid stripers:

We lost a pike and two big muskies, but overall we caught a ton of fish and had a blast! Hunter will be dreaming of his first pike that got off literally at the boat....Here is a group shot of our harvest:

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  1. Nice pictures. And nice big fish.