Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giant Illinois Smallmouth Bass

The stripmines of Fulton County, IL have grown some giant smallmouth bass over the years.... I have been gunning for the state record smallmouth, but I have a feeling that once we do get the state record it will be short lived as Lake Michigan smallies are taking off up north... Anyhow, yesterday Jared caught a very big and super thick smallmouth bass while trolling a rapala over 30' of water:

Jareds fish was 14 oz smaller than the current state record, but is only 5 years old....Back in 1985 Mark Samp caught the state record 6 lb 7oz beast in a Fulton County stripmine:
Illinois hunting and fishing

So anyhow with all the up and coming smallmouth bass lakes we have made in the last 5 years, I am very confident in growing 6 lb smallies very soon, but I am also pretty confident that Lake Michigan is going to be pumping out 7 lbers very soon....

Here are some more big smallmouth pics from Fulton County:


  1. Nate
    Unbelievable, can it get any better than this --thanks for sharing another great post

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