Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Otter Creek Monster Buck

Earlier in October I tried writing about a huge buck harvested at Otter Creek Preserve over near Astoria, Il, but I kept getting off subject as my thoughts and words kept drifting to the world class fishery that this place boasts! Even though we just stocked several thousand walleye, a couple hundred more muskie, and a truckload of rainbow trout just last week, this time I intend to stick much closer to the subect at hand- An absolutely huge 12 point buck just harvested by Ryan Pudik. This is his second buck this archery season well over 170 inches! With very limited hunting pressure to begin with and the fact that Otter Creek is archery hunting only, I would imagine that place is going to start filling up with deer over the next couple weeks from the surrounding areas!

Here are a couple more pics of this Central Illinois Trophy Buck:

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