Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heatwave and some Hot Fishing Too

We bolted out of church pretty quick today and headed towards the lake pretty much as fast as humanly possible. Justin came and picked me and the kids up and we headed out to the lake to meet up with Chad and my parents! 70 degrees and sunny doesnt happen too often in November, and we were not about to let this kind of heavenly weather slip away unutilized.

Upon arrival at the lake we sighted in our slug guns for deer season! I just cant say enough how awesome those H and R slug guns are. We could make 3" groups dead on with hornady slugs at 150 yards! At 200 yards the slugs are still fairly straight, but drop about 7-8 inches. I cant even see the targets from that far without using the scope.

Anyhow after about an hour of shooting guns and we headed out fishing! Mae and Noah were more interested in playing on the beach with Grandma and boy were they having fun.

So we get out fishing and we had a bit of controversy to resolve. Dad wanted to fish over here, Chad wanted to fish over there, I wanted to fish across the way, and Justin really didnt care. So after wasting a few minutes going back and forth we resolved the matter by giving each person 30 minutes of whatever type of fishing they wanted to do and where- and it worked out great for some of us!

Chad picked the first spot and hit the jackpot, we gave him an A+. Justin and I both landed some real nice smallmouth bass!

Chad also got into the smallie action (emphasis on the small...hehe)

A couple rainbows and a golden trout capped off this spot, then off to Dad's 30 minutes (more like an hour). Well here are some pics from dads hot spot.............. .................. Oh wait a minute, we never caught a fish while he was captain. We gave him an F.

Then Justin and I kind of joined up for the last spot, since we both knew where we wanted to go and time was running short. We headed to the sunken boats and they produced some nice rainbows, golden trout, and a monster bluegill:

This trip, even though I was schooling Chad, Justin, and Dad....haha.... I wasnt actually taking or teaching anyone how to fish- I was actually fishing. For those of you regular blog readers (both of you), there usually arent many pics of me holding fish, but this time I was fishing the whole trip, and since I was fishing with my competitive family and writing the blog, I might be just a tad biased with this post!

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