Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Windmills, Trout, and a Catfish

Met up with George Moss of Outdoor Water Solutions to install a few windmills today and tomorrow. We use these windmill aerators for a variety of aeration needs, especially when there is no electricity available. Some are used for summertime aeration to keep ponds from stagnating, some are used to keep open water in the winter to let sunlight in and keep the pond oxygenated, and some we use to keep open water in the winter to attract ducks and geese for hunting and wildlife viewing!

We finished up installing windmills a bit earlier than expected, so we headed out to do a bit of trout fishing before sunset. At our last windmill install we were talking about trout fishing with our client Josh Catour and we all decided to just head out to the lake. En Route, Chef Todd called and happened to have the afternoon off of work and I think his sixth sense just knew I would be heading out to the lake on this fine November afternoon.

At the lake, the trout were definitely digging this nice cool sunny weather! They were up shallow and chasing pretty much any bait tossed in front of them. We caught trout on mepps spinners, curly tail grubs, jigs, minnows, chicken livers, and canned corn!

We also caught this nice cold water catfish as well.

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