Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guided Ice Fishing In Central Illinois

Here is the new guided ice fishing information for Herman Brothers Pond Management for this winter! If we can get some good ice, this will be the very best ice fishing season on record. We spent all spring and summer creating perfect ice fishing structures and manipulating our fish populations. I have not been more excited about an ice fishing season- The prospects are very good!

We offer Fully Guided Fishing Trips on several of our intensively managed exclusive fishing lakes. These lakes are spread across Fulton, Tazewell, Knox, and Peoria counties and are home to some of the very best fish in the midwest! Some of our lakes we have completely set up and managed for the sole purpose of ice fishing. The only fishing pressure they will ever have is for just a few weeks during the winter! We have so many different lakes and ponds to ice fish and so many different species of fish to target, that we can always find a lake with hot action!

Once the lakes freeze solid we spend just about every day of the hard water season out on the Ice! We offer a variety of different Ice Fishing Packages, and for all of them we provide the necessary bait, tackle, equipment, vexilars, fish cleaning, packaging and photos! We provide an ice fishing experience that cannot be equaled anywhere: scenic ice fishing locations, trophy fish, and top of the line equipment and electronics. On top of all this we focus on teaching our clients how to become better fisherman and good stewards of the land.

Private Introduction to Ice Fishing Trip- This is our most favorite 4 hour ice fishing trip! We have several intensively managed fishing lakes that are perfect for this family trip. We provide everything and enjoy teaching you and your family the basics of ice fishing and always catch a ton of fish! We will only schedule this trip on a nice day. Cost is $75 per adult and $50 per child.

Private Ice Fishing Lesson on Your Own Lake or Pond- If you would like to learn how and where to catch fish through the ice on your own body of water, this is the trip for you! We can help you identify good ice fishing spots, teach you proper ice fishing techniques, and also show you how to read a vexilar and even clean the fish! We regularly teach folks how to fish their ponds and not only do we provide all the necessary bait and gear for the trip, but we can also help outfit you with your own set of everything as well. Cost for this trip is $250 and the amount of people you bring along does not matter.

Corporate and Custom Ice Fishing Trips- We have several large trophy fishing lakes that are intensively managed for certain species of fish and considered some of the very best fishing lakes in the United States! Trophy Rainbow Trout, Jumbo Yellow Perch, Monster Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike, Tiger Muskie, Walleye, and Catfish fishing is all WORLD CLASS! Custom Ice Fishing Trips start at $75 per person, and a Fresh Fish Fry on the Ice starts at $150.

Here is a big bluegill video recap of some of our ice fishing trips from last year:

This is a fun video of ice fishing for trout at some of our lakes:

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