Friday, January 1, 2010

Caught My Biggest Ice Fish Today!!

Caught my biggest trout to date and it also happens to be my biggest fish landed through the ice as well!

Took me ten minutes to finally get it landed with a little schoolie fishing rod on 4 lb test. He weighed 9 lbs and was 23.5 inches long with a 15.5 inch girth! Squeezin him through a 6 inch hole was no easy task!!

Was fishing with Jon Graham and my brothers today at one of our HB Featured Properties and although the fish werent biting fast and furious, we did end up catching a pretty impressive mixed bag of fish. Jon switched up jigs about as often as I drilled holes, seems like I enjoy drilling about a bit more than actually fishing??? The ice was a little scary +/- 3 inches on this particular 33 acre lake in Fulton County, the temps were rapidly falling, and the wind was howling, but we still managed to have a pretty good time outdoors! I will let the pics tell the rest of the story.

We are booked up solid until Jan 15th, but from then until the ice leaves at the end of February we still have a few openings for guided ice fishing trips. This is going to be our absolute best year of ice fishing in central illinois to date! I have several lakes and ponds set up and completely managed exclusively for ice fishing! Here is some pricing and more guided fishing info

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