Sunday, January 24, 2010

I dont think we will be able to do.....

........this for quite some time now. Stinkin' 45 degree rain!

Anyhow, here are some pics from possibly our last ice fishing trip for who knows how long? Should be some lakes that dont get much runoff that will whether the storm much better than the lakes with large watersheds.

Look at the determination on Jeff's face!

Chris can make a pile of bluegill in a matter of seconds:

Tony, where is your pile of fish???

Even though the rain and melting snow and ice is very inconvenient and messing up my winter ice fishing plans for the next few days, it actually will save thousands of fish's lives across central Illinois this winter and will make for some much better ice fishing later on! The snow cover on top of the ice blocks the sunlight which is the lifeline for the pond. If small ponds stay covered with snow for several weeks, the pond uses up all its stored dissolved oxygen and fish become very inactive before eventually suffocating to death. All ponds hold and store different amounts of oxygen, and actually that is a big key to ice fishing success! Eating is not on the daily agenda for fish with limited supplies of oxygen. Happy and well oxygenated fish are active fish!!

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