Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ice Fishing at Pfeiffer Pond

Today I took a group ice fishing down in Worden, IL at Pfeiffer Pond. Travis just purchased this beautiful pond back in 2009 and what better way to assess the fish population than to get a group of friends out for an awesome day of ice fishing and fun out on the water!

It was foggy, overcast, calm and a perfect 35 degrees outside. I absolutely love ice fishing a pond for the first time, especially with weather like this! It didnt take us long at all to find the fish with the Vexilars, and it didnt take these first time ice fisherman very long at all to figure out how to catch a huge mess of fish! We ended up catching over 100 bluegill and bass by lunch time and altogether caught well more than 200 fish for the day! I didnt have any pics of her in action, but Grandma Pfeiffer by far caught the most fish today, she was a fish catching machine!!! Here are some mo' photos:

Mini Pfeiffer did a great job at collecting all the piles of fish and helping me get 'em cleaned

Once we got done cleaning the fish, Matt and Co fried em up right out on the ice!

Here is Travis giving a little Vexilar 101 seminar:

We fished from 10 am to 3 pm and then me and my side kick Caleb Sauder headed for home. I am pretty well booked up solid for the rest of this ice fishing season, but do have just a handful of weekdays available if anyone wants to get a group of friends out on the ice!


  1. Thanks Nate for Such an awesome day. Everyone had a great time learning the basics of ice fishing. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the group doesn't end up coming north for another trip with you.

    Anyone thinking about booking an outing should, especially if they've never had the pleasure of ice fishing before.

  2. Very awesome time! Love all the pics of the kids:)