Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dogwood Canyon Branson Missouri

So after jampacking the first 3 days of our trip with all sort of activities, we decided to head out to Dogwood Canyon on Sunday morning after a little church service at the lodge. We got to the canyon just in time for the 11 am tour on the tram. Dogwood Canyon is another one of Mr. Morris' masterpieces. It is a 2200 acre nature preserve that is full of springs, waterfalls, bridges, trails, animals, and of course rainbow trout. Everything at this place is just done right and is first class. Hiking, biking, walking trails and picnic areas are very well kept and scenic.

The tram is a 2 hour tour of the park hitting all the highlights like the wilderness chapel, big trout streams, caves, and of course the animals. The elk, bison, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and texas long horns were very impressive up close. They came right up to the tram (with a little food incentive of course) and you could literally reach out and touch them if you so desired.

The kids absolutely loved having these huge beasts within an arms length away. Very very cool. Here are some pics from our dogwood canyon adventure:

After the tram tour we had a picnic overlooking one of the trout streams. We brought lunches to eat, but the twenty dollar bill in pocket was gladly exchanged for a bison burger and smoked trout at the dogwood cafe. In all honesty I actually like regular cow burgers better than bison, but for some reason am a sucker for a bison burger whenever given the opportunity. Something about eating a buffalo burger that is just cool.

So we headed out of the canyon with full bellies and headed straight for the swimming pools at Big Cedar. (good thing it was a 30 minute drive eh?) After swimming we topped off the evening eating the rest of our fish and as much of the leftover food from the trip as possible. Then went to sleep in the fancy sheets for the last time. Monday morning we headed back towards real life.

Anyhow my computer broke down the first day of our trip. I think some kids (or possibly even Brook) might have got ahold of it and I wasnt able to get any of the work done I had planned on working on. If your reading this and expecting a lake report or email correspondence from me, please forgive me for the delay. I have everything stored on that laptop and feel kind of naked going into this next week without it. I am trying to figure out everything planned for this week without it, because my only calendar is in there! I stopped by Haas It in Tremont to drop off my laptop on my way back into town from the trip. Tom and co at Haas are the backbone of most all of my web work and are computer and website genius'. Currently it feels like losing that laptop is almost as crippling as losing an organ or appendage or something. Its just a weird helpless feeling.


  1. wow that is some amazing scenery

  2. Oh.. I feel for you. I dread the day my laptop breaks..

  3. Dogwood Canyon is beautiful, and you got some really terrific pictures that capture some of its beauty - great job!

  4. Thanks for the information! I've been looking into vacationing there int he summer. Is there any Branson MO lodgingthat would suggest? I am looking for some place simple to stay, not ultra luxiourious, becasue i do not plan on spending any time in the room. I've also heard that there is so many vacation activities around, what was your favorite thing to do?