Monday, April 19, 2010

Huge Smallmouth Bass and Nice Muskie

Monday evening I went out fishing with Cheff Todd and Mike Steffa. I was throwing a number 3 mepps with brown hair and caught this 21 inch smallmouth bass in 6 feet of water on the edge of a big drop off. It is our biggest smallmouth of the year and actually one of the biggest smallmouth bass I have ever caught.

Chef Todd and Mike Steffa were fishing with me and actually caught nothing in our little 45 minute mini fishing trip. It was great, normally I try my best to make sure the people I am fishing with catch fish, but on an occasion such as this and after 30 minutes of them not catching anything I almost was rooting for the total skunk. It was great.....Nate 13 bass, Chef and Steffa 0! I offered to let them both real a fish in, but they graciously deferred. (normally I dont write about this sort of thing, but I just had to put this one down into the archives).

Anyhow, Chef redeemed himself and his ugly pink lure with these muskie from Banner Marsh:

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  1. don't you mean, huge muskie and a nice small mouth bass?

    Also, spark had the idea of hooking a hose up to a 4 wheeler exhaust pipe, and then putting the other side of the hose in a muskrat brained scheme...or genius????? who knows?