Friday, April 30, 2010

Victoria Fishing Club has some Monster Fish!

So Justin and I headed to a fishing club in Victoria, IL to electro shock 5 of their lakes. They have a total of 18 lakes on the property, but wanted to come up with good management plans for their main five.

These lakes ranged in size from 5 to 10 acres each and they all had super healthy populations of large pan and gamefish! Each of the lakes had its own unique characteristics, depths, water clarity, aquatic vegetation, and of course fish populations. For once in my life I really didnt have any drastic recommendations or suggestions for managing and maintaining a natural balanced fishery. Their lakes were not broke and didn't need major fixing. Just a bit of tweaking and direction. We are working on a gameplan that includes implementing some bonus walleye and a handful of northern pike as well as channeling future fish stockings to be a bit more efficient and effective. Check out some of these fish from electrofishing today:

These lakes produced lots of fish, members fish in them, catch fish, and take some home to eat. Some of the lakes had great crappie, some had great redear sunfish, some had good bluegill, a few had big catfish and a couple had some monster largemouth bass. There were sizes and numbers to please any angler (member).

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  1. Just curious - which fishing club was this?