Monday, April 12, 2010

Drake Pics and Doctors Thoughts

I havent written anything about Drake for quite awhile, because he has just been a perfectly normal little boy for the last 4 weeks. He has been to lots of doctor visits and checkups and tests and such and has just been passing with flying colors. At home he has been eating and growing like a Herman and smiling and happy most of the time like his daddy of course. He is getting stronger and more aware of his surroundings every day. Visually you just would not think there is anything wrong with this perfect looking and acting baby.

Then today we went to the developmental specialist.....This is where our 4 week long fantasy didnt necessarily come to an end, but just simply turned back into reality. I guess subconsciously I have just been hoping for a fairy tale ending where we just put all this doctor stuff behind us and sail off into the normal rest of our lives.

Its 11:37 pm and now quiet enough at home and in my head for me just to sit back and think somewhat clearly. Everything that seemed so important again all of a sudden, really just isn't. The doctor today wants to get Drake started on developmental therapy ASAP. He is amazed at his progress from where he should be, but still very concerned. He also wants to know the extent of his hearing damage ASAP in order to get fitted with hearing aids by 4 to 6 months of age. Drake has had double ear infections and fluid built up, so they havent been able to get an accurated hearing test done yet. (at least we hope its not accurate yet).

We havent really picked up on the developmental hypotonia or whatever the name is that the doc called his development stuff, but we have always noticed that Drake really doesnt respond to noise. He sometimes will jump with a loud bang, but really doesnt respond to normal noise much at all. Movement and vibration he picks up on real good, but hearing not so much.

Today wasnt bad, but it was the hardest day we have had for awhile. Just a reality check, eye opener, reminder, or whatever you want to call it.


  1. Thanks for the update Nate. We'll keep praying for his development and that God will equip you and Brook with strength, hope, love, faith and all that He requires of you to have through all these valley's ahead. Love ya!

  2. Thanks so much for the update, we have been thinking and praying for you all. Love to you all always.