Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another day of rest.......

Having Sundays as a day of rest definitely ranks in the top 10 list of God's best ideas. Heading to church in the morning and then into my Lazyboy in the afternoon is just about as good as it gets in regards to experiencing heaven on earth. Today though just as I was drifting off into an alaskan fishing adventure I was rudely awakened by Brook telling me to get ready for the annual Sunday School picnic.

We were late, as usual but God was definitely looking out for me upon arrival. Its like one of those moments were you just look up and smile gratefully. Pretty much the only thing in this whole world that could cheer me up at the moment and the very thing I wished so bad we were not late to the picnic for was sitting right beside me on a tray in the arms of another woman. The person in charge of bringing the deviled eggs was late to the picnic too- halelujah!!! I am telling you if your not in the first half of the line all the good stuff like deviled eggs and regular normal looking food gets gobbled up and all your left with to choose from is green beans and goolash looking casseroles.

Rachel, my angel sent from heaven, graciously allowed me to sample the eggs before taking them up to be devoured by the masses. The picnic went great from that moment on and by the time it was go time me and kids were sweating like pigs. Which leads me back too the title of this story- Another day of rest. If we ever decide to form another nation or revamp anything, I think the first item on the agenda should be to create another day of rest between Sunday and Monday. Honestly, who these days couldn't use another day of rest?

Anyhow enough foolishness and on to more useless information for most. This week obviously was the sunday school picnic with a couple hundred kids today, but Saturday was more craziness with lots of kids. We had high school girls camp out to our lake on Saturday and with all the campers, counselors, and helpers we had 315 people at the lake from noon to four pm. We had water basketball, volleyball, jet skiing tube rides, rope swing, high jump off dock, water slide, pontoon boat shuttle rides, canoe rides, horseback riding, and lots of other stuff for the girls to do. Its lots of fun for the girls to experience all that stuff, but a little nerve racking keeping an eye on everything so its all done safely.

Saturday wrapped up the last of the big camps for us at the lake this summer. Still some random sunday school and church groups, but the big camps with hundreds of campers are done now. Esther house in peoria is bringing a group of women out for a week in July along with some small overnight group camps here and there, and then in August we are having a father son camp out for all the guys in church which is always alot of fun.

Friday I went to Kappa and Secor and treated some lakes before finishing the day stuck in the office.

Thursday we planted some water lilies, relocated some forage fish, treated some boat ramps, fertilized a big sterile strip mine lake, and then put in an aeration system. Busy day.

Wednesday we did something, but I cant remember.

I know on Tuesday we electrofished White Oak Lake in the morning before the rain and lightning set in, and then we stocked a whole bunch of smallmouth bass and white albino catfish for a guy with a new 3 acre lake that is 70 feet deep!

Monday I actually went home early, I was too sick to even think. Good thing that didnt last too long, because that was miserable.

Anyhow the week ahead is going to be alot of fun. Obviously monday isnt gonna be too great (this is where the extra day of rest would come in so handy) but Tuesday I will be electrofishing in Quincy, Illinois, stocking some hybrid striped bass on Wednesday and then taking a client fishing in the afternoon. Thursday will be stocking some more forage fish and working in Cuba, and Friday I actually for the first time this season dont have anything penciled in on the calendar. Got lots of projects that need worked on, but nothing set in stone for the day. (if your reading the blog and on the list to have work be done at your property, dont get your hopes up unless your within a few miles of our lake!) Gonna be at the lake fri, sat, and sun!

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