Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drake's Ear Surgery and Update

Drake had a visit with the Ear, Throat, Nose specialist and they decided they should put tubes in his ears to drain the fluid so they can better test for his degree of hearing loss. Putting tubes in is a very common relatively quick surgery. These pics are us at the waiting room waiting for the doc to come take him away.

The minor surgery went great and then we headed down to a different portion of the hospital to get his biweekly CBC (complete blood count) for the blood specialist. He has had some not so good but not so bad blood counts with his lymph something or others, but this time his platelet counts had plummitted down to just 24,000. They need to be at 125,000 on the low end.
The blood specialist called right away with the test results and wanted to see Drake ASAP (which is today and probably right now). Brook took him in to get some more tests done. Kind of discouraging just to be doing so good with everything on the outside, but to still know there is something not right on the inside. Low platelets can be very dangerous with internal bleeding and external bleeding if he ever gets cut or bruised.
Now we just cautiously await test results and a game plan.


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  2. Could Drake be any cuter?!! I think NOT! WE are praying him. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love you guys!

  3. Drake is a doll and looks really cute is his dress. LOL Thanks for the blog and letting us know what is going since we live so far away. We will be praying for Drake and you guys that everything will turn according to God's will. We love you guys and miss you and wish we lived closer. I will check back for an update. God's Blessings to all of you. Love all of you, Diane Smith

  4. Praying and wishing that all gets well with him and the surgery is a success,the possibilities with surgery today are very advanced and therefore I am sure it is not going to be very hard.