Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does anyone know where June went?

Hey June, whats the deal? First off, its already rained 14 out of the 26 days. I mean come on, is that much rain really necessary? Its not like just little bitty rains either, every week we got damaging winds, torrential downpours, and my parents hot tub even got struck by lightning last week! I can't complain too much though, every time I look over towards elmwood from wherever I am at, its like a dark cloud of nastiness just lives there.

Second bone to pick with this sloppy precipitation flooded month is where in the world did you go? Sheemanelly, next weekend is the 4th of July already! Sheemanelly: nate's new made up word he thought up super early this morning to take the place of more boring yet commonly known phrases like 'my goodness' and 'holy cow'.

Well kids, with June gone you only have July and 1/2 of August left before putting those chains back on for the winter. Might as well start the back to school sales already. To this day, I still dont know how I ever made it all the way through school. I can vividly remember being in third grade and just counting down the days of torture that I had left. I hated school with a passion. In fact my dislike for school was so strong that too this day I am contemplating just taking my boys to work with me starting about 8 years old. My daughter, who sometimes I question if she is really mine, actually likes school so far???

Anyhow, for those of you still reading and obviously questioning my sanity, I woke up at 4:15 am this morning. My curse in life is that the very moment I wake up in the morning is the very moment I wake up in the morning. I absolutely can never fall back to sleep on this side of midnight. In the morning my mind is racing a million miles per hour in anticipation of the upcoming day. I think it starts gearing up even before I wake up, because most everything gets figured out in my mind while I am even still sleeping- kinda weird huh? Anyhow I have been told repeatedly that I am pretty much kinda weird. Now on the other side of midnight, if I even so much as sit down or try to turn my crazy thoughts down even one notch, I am sleeping instantly. Once the sun sets in the evening I physically am not capable of staying awake. I pretty much routinely doze off anywhere I sit down.

So now that I have confirmed in most folks minds what they already had been wondering- that I really am not normal, I might as well finish up this dear diary with a recap of the week.....
Monday it rained, Tuesday it rained with damaging winds, lightning, hail, Wednesday it rained, Thursday this little yellow circle way off in the distance actually came up in the sky and was surrounded by this funny looking blue haze, on Friday the same yellow circle and blue sky again. The yellow circle was incredibly powerful and actually gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, along with the warm sweaty feeling on the outside. I had seen it before, but very rare to see it up in the sky on consecutive days. After two days in a row of watching this yellow light, I actually felt rejuvanated and surprisingly happy. I can only imagine how good the feeling inside will be if today for the third consecutive day I would be so lucky as to see this magic light?

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