Monday, June 7, 2010

Northern Pike in Central Illinois

We have 5 northern pike in this 33 acre lake and so far we have now caught all 5 of them this spring. (or at least we have caught 5 so far). Anyhow this particular northern was stocked as a 24 inch 3.25 lb fish back in October of 2009 and was caught last night while trolling a deep diving perch rapala.
It weighed in at a very impressive 8 lbs and 30 inches.That is almost 5 lbs of growth in just 9 months! I think she has been gorging herself on trout is the only way I can think of to grow that much that fast.

Next fish that grows like a weed is the hybrid striped bass. This fish is from the 2009 year class spawned in May of last year. I have 2000 of these fish that live on my swimming beach. Can you imagine a bass that puts on 2 lbs of growth per year? I have documented up to 3 lbs of growth per year for individual hybrid striped bass, but on average am getting 2 lbs. Here is a pic from last weekend and a video of the girls feeding the stripers on the beach last summer:

Some people get a little freaked out swimming with a school of 2000 stripers, but most people think its the neatest thing ever! (or at least thats what I will keep telling myself)


  1. you'd better hope that your "pets" never turn on you:{

  2. I think more realistically you'd better hope my pets never turn on you:{