Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Bluegill Dot Com Fishing Trip

This weekend I went on one big long fishing trip at some of my featured properties that started friday evening at 6 pm and ended Sunday about noon. My good friend Bruce Condello from Nebraska came up to visit and we spent just about every minute of his quick road trip fishing, talking fish, taking pictures of fish, eating fish, or scuba diving with the fish. Soo much fish that by the time I got home Sunday night I had to clip off a few freshly sprouted fins from my back....

Anyhow I will let the pictures finish this story and if I feel so moved (have some extra time) I will expound a bit more.

So there ya go, lots of different kinds of fish. Anyhow, Bruce is the owner of and he also writes for pond boss magazine and a few other publications. Here is some online content from his fishing trip with us: Pond Boss Article and Big Bluegill Blurb. He runs his own dentist practice down in Nebraska, but he also has a specialized fish farm raising his own strain of aggressive bluegill as well. Bruce was just featured on the cover of In-Fisherman magazine a couple months ago for a story on the qwuest for a 2 lb bluegill. We didnt get any 2 lb bluegill this weekend, but we did get close with a couple fish. We caught over 100 various kinds of bluegill between 12 and 24 ounces and also a nice mixed bag of rainbow trout, northern pike, hybrid striped bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, largemouth bass, catfish, crappie and a muskie.
Chef Todd cooked a wild game feed lunch at the fishing park that consisted of blueberry bluecheese buffalo burgers, elk something or other, pheasant poppers, and venison. After the game feed he came out and cooked dinner for us at the lake. He cooked the fish whole and added all kinds of spices and vegetables:

Let me just say that if you have any fish or game sitting in the freezer or you would like to eat some of the best fish or game on the planet, you need to get ahold of Chef. He will either get you some recipes or come out to your place and cook you up a feast!


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