Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you ever just feel like ahmmnmbg

The month of August is just kind of actually, you know I dont even know what it is kind of like. Even though it is still July, it just kind of has the same feel that august usually brings. I dont know if I am still harboring bad feelings towards August from having to go back to school as a child or what, but for some reason I just dont like august and never really have.

I'm not even going to list all the things and reasons why I dont like August because no one (or not many) wants to read all kinds of negative stuff about the heat, humidity, mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, thirst, sun poisoning, hot water, back to school, summers practically over, etc etc etc.....

I guess another reason why I dont like august is there really isnt much happening in the pond management sector. For the most part lake treatments are over, fish don't bite very predictably, too hot to move fish, too hot to electrofish, etc. I could go on, but eh decided not too.

Anyhow in order to break me out of this august funk before it even got started this year we have had to get creative. Been doing lots of deer management stuff lately to stay busy and just booked a trip to the Florida Keys over Thanksgiving! Just daydreaming about goliath groupers and yellowtail snappers will carry me easily for the next 4 months!! I worked out a great deal on an amazing place near Marathon. Here is a pic of the place we are staying at from Nov 20 to Dec 4th:

Here is a pic of the boat we will have at our place for the trip:

Its 12:48 on Friday. I am shooting at a clay pigeon event this evening, have florida keys fishing on mind, and basically am having a very hard time getting anything accomplished. Instead of getting work done I decided to kill a few minutes posting this blog and I guess I might as well head home and spend some time with the kids since I wont see them much this weekend. I will be heading out to put up some trail cameras early Saturday morning and then be heading to the North Creek Preserve Land Auction at 10 am.

This week I had a consultation in Metamora for a 4 acre lake with watermeal, brown algae, and a fish kill. Then I went to a visitation for one of my good friends Jordan Schroeder. He passed away over the weekend from Cancer at the age of 25 years old. Let me just say that it is not easy to lose a friend, especially one who has a wife and kids the same age as mine. I have written or really talked about it much all week because it really isnt easy to write or talk about.

Thursday I headed out to pull some soil samples for 5 different food plots we are going to plant this fall. We send the soil to a lab and then we know exactly how much lime and fertilizer we need to apply and also we can tell what crop will grow the best in that particular soil. Soil samples save a few years of trial and error! Here is Jared pulling the samples:

Next we went to look at and work on some plots planted this spring. This one is doing great!

We also scouted out camera locations for a buckeye camera system. We are installing buckeye cameras which we connect to a data plan to send the pictures and videos automatically to a website which can be controlled from a computer. You dont have to go into the field to check the cameras, just login online. Buckeye cameras are great for security as well, you can see everyone who comes and goes!
Today I went to a consultation near Wyoming. One of the neatest driveways I have ever seen! This guy and his wife planted these trees in 1968, how cool is that!! His pond will be be up to par as the rest of the property shortly.

Thats it, I am done and gone. Justin and Allen planted alot of primrose, treated a handful of lakes, manually pulled lots of vegetation for a client, and did their usual stuff this week. Next week we will be building a deck, installing an aeration system, treating a couple big lakes, and more of the same. I will have to squeeze a fishing trip in sometime hopefully over the weekend.

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