Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MossBack Fish Rack Fish Attractor

There are some new players emerging in the fish structure world. Porcupine fish attractors have dominated the online fish structure market for years. Larry Harper the inventor of the porcupines is actually a good friend of mine. Anyhow over the last few years there have been several products introduced to the market with much success. Honey Hole Trees, Tall Trees, Catfish Condos, FishHiding, and several other products have come along recently and here is the kicker- they all work. We sell them all on our online store and each of them has their time and place and unique attributes.

Fish just like nice places to live, hunt, hide, and hang out. While the fish structures available on the market today all attract fish, there is a new product available online that is shippable that I personally am taking a liking to and so are many fish. It is called the mossback fish rack, and it attracts lots of fish. The mossback fish rack attractor in my opinion is going to become very popular with not only freshwater fisherman, but with saltwater anglers! The online saltwater fish attractor market is largely untapped and believe me is HUGE business. If you think fish attractors and reefs work good in freshwater, just try one out in saltwater!

I make and install lots of artificial fishing reefs for private lakes and ponds as well as many subdivision and association lakes and ponds too. My theory is that one big reef is way more effective than spreading out individual structures all over the place. I would rather have one big structure than 10 little ones in most cases. I still use alot of full size trees, brush piles, rock piles, reject concrete, etc for fish structures, but I have been using more and more synthetic pvc type structures lately. These synthetic fishing structures are easy to deploy, built to last forever and be somewhat relatively snag free.

Here is more information about the mossbacks. Just keep in mind when placing fish structure that one attractor will hold a handful of fish, two attractors will hold a pile of fish, and 4 attractors will hold a boatload of fish.

The MOSS BACK FISH RACK™ is a long-lasting structure resembling the
natural look of the outdoors while providing great cover for baitfish and all
types of game fish. Algae growth occurs quickly due to the realistic bark like
texture of the Fish Rack. This product not only gives you virtually undetected favorite fishing spots, but it also provides the opportunity for different placement configurations. Extreme ease of assembly allows you to quickly
hang from your dock or place in your favorite lake or pond. You will enjoy greater fishing time and less frustration which can be associated with placing natural cover.

Video how to set up the fish attractor:

MossBack Rack Set Up from melanie adcock on Vimeo.

Video how to deploy the fish attractor

MossBackDeploy from melanie adcock on Vimeo.

Underwater video of the fish attractor:

underwater moss back clips from melanie adcock on Vimeo.

We have Mossback Fish Rack attractors and all the other fish attractors available for sale online at Herman Brothers Fish Structures Page. (mossbacks will be available for online purchase by August 1st) if you would like to purchase some before then, please email to have them shipped right to you. Note to self- update the blog once the listing is live.

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