Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Fish and Big Deer

I actually don't have that many words to write at the moment. I think I did pick a fitting title though- Big Fish and Big Deer.

This deer is from one of my clients properties in fulton county. He just got it back from a taxidermist this weekend. It was 221 inches and some of his relatives are still hanging out on the farm (the deer's relatives, not the clients).

We are putting in some trail cams, deer stands, and strategic fall food plots to help his relatives (the clients' this time) get some more deer like that one!

Chef Todd catered a dinner for me at Otter Creek Preserve Saturday night. He cooked Blueberry Bluecheese Elk burgers and tomato something salad. It was delicious. We were showing some clients around the farm for the evening. Otter Creek is perhaps one of the nicest recreational farms in Illinois. Here are some pics:

These lakes will produce state record muskies and I have never ever said this before about any lake, but these lakes will eventually produce state record largemouth and even have an outside shot at the state record smallmouth bass as well. I have worked on this 147 acre lake since it was a puddle and we are on pace to produce double digit bass here in central Illinois! I have never intensively managed a lake to this degree.

Moving on, Chef Todd also catered a dinner for me Sunday evening for 40 friends and family of my parents. He cooked sweet chili glaze chicken, barbecue pork chops, bacon wrapped stuffed chicken tenders, and all the fixins. Folks if you havent caught on yet, the man can cook! Get ahold of me if your interested in having a great meal of any kind catered by the chef. I will be his booking agent and only loan him to others when he has some free time.

He took some of the kids fishing on the dock after dinner and made sure they all caught fish. He then caught some nice fish of his own. Here is the biggest bluegill and biggest smallmouth bass he has caught from my lake to date: (not lake records, but Chef records).


  1. how's that diet going....just reading your blog makes ME hungry!

  2. I eat the same ratio of proteins to carbohydrates for a big breakfast and then eat 4 more meals throughout the day that consist of fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of nuts. Then I eat a regular dinner. I can pretty much eat as much of those foods as I want all day long as long as I keep the ratios the same and limit the junk stuff.

    The excersice and stretching is killing me though. I went in with a sore back and hamstring and now I have sore quads, calves, stomach, gluts, and even sore muscles I didnt know exist or know the names of.

  3. wow, you'll be 120 lbs in no time!